“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances;
for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”

-1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


A graduation weekend filled with family and friends has just passed and my time at Azusa Pacific University is up. But before I even think about what is next to come, I want to recognize all God has done through this graduation weekend.

What God has done in our individual lives’ as students, what God has done in our relationships, and what God has done in many of our families.

Family, family, family…what a concept. I just cannot seem to get rid of them! (Just Kidding) My family is unique because no matter how deep the past pains and hurts of our fighting and dysfunction goes, we couldn’t stop loving each other if we tried to. I can pretend I’m mad or annoyed all I want, but I am not fooling anyone, my love for my family is as deep as the blue sea, times infinity.

On the other hand, my love for the annoying person sitting next to me on the plane, twisting their gum in their hand, smacking their food, and filing their nails… is not so deep. It is actually quite surface…because I don’t know them the way I know and love my family!

Azusa Pacific University’s graduation weekend brought my family closer together and also a close friend of mine’s family closer together, and I can imagine the work God was doing in all of the families at that ceremony.

My friend’s sister hadn’t spoken to her dad in 15 years until this weekend… FIFTEEN years. And there she was at dinner with her whole family, instigating the conversation. The way God moved in that relationship was jaw dropping, truly astonishing. When she told me this story, we both had tears of joy in our eyes; a joy that we can’t even describe. Her younger brother, who she has been praying would come back to his faith for years now, looked at her this weekend and told her he wants this God thing again, and wants to transfer to APU. Another answer to prayer!

When God is present and so alive in the hearts of a crowd as big as our graduation, oh how He moves the MOUNTAINS.

I know God is always working in my family, but the crazy thing- we cannot see the bigger picture, but how beautiful is that? I have no idea of the things God will do in my family, but one thing I do know is that these things are WONDERFUL.

Today, choose to rejoice when things get messy.
Choose to pray fervently for those you hope would know Christ.

And give thanks, no matter what. Thanks for the places and the people God has brought you now and the places and the people God will bring you.

My “Rejoice” on my graduation cap may have accidentally been put on upside down, but hey, life is full of ups and downs and even when the word itself is upside down, we all know it says “Rejoice”.

Even when our world feels like its crashing down or life is just upside down, we still know what it means to Rejoice. So, go rejoice in this wonderful day that the Lord has made!