Hello Friends


My name is Bryant Amundson. Ever since I can remember I have been demanding the spot light from my family, friends, and now audiences all around. 


I used to be a jock, but when I was 16 my body informed me that I was not growing anymore. I still held onto the dream of competing in sports in college but my senior year of high school I joined the speech team and that was it. I went on to compete in the State Tournament. It was only natural that my speech category was "Humorous" because I have been looking for any way possible to make people laugh all my life.  






I gave the commencement address at my High School graduation ceremony and after that day I knew I wanted to speak for a living. I have a degree in Communications from the University of Minnesota, but in my free time in college I liked going to comedy clubs and making people laugh on the stand-up comedy stage.



As a communications wiz, I have learned how to connect with any audience and also how to get the audience to connect with me. I offer a new spin on attitude and keep the audience laughing throughout, while delivering meaningful and powerful material. Listeners are left inspired to push past the norms and strive to become the best version of themselves.