Days of Difference is a Christ centered organization designed to add value to all walks of life through various venues of impactful outreach. 


Hi there,
We are Bryant and Rachel and we like to be Different!

We are a couple of lovers. Seriously we are a couple, and we love each other and we love others, that makes us a couple of lovers. Our goal is to use our gifts and talents to impact the lives of those around us through many different avenues of service. We love to travel so we will be traveling the world and documenting our amazing adventures. We also love to laugh so we want to share hilarious stories from our rambunctious lives. But most importantly we love JESUS and we want to give all the glory to Him in everything we do. We want to share amazing stories about what He has done in our lives and the lives of people we encounter. We are excited to share our crazy lives with the world and world wide web. It is our goal to add love and laughter to all we are so blessed to meet.

Days of Difference is the idea of being different to be the difference. Stand out in a crowd and make a change. Always thinking about others and treating each day and situation as an opportunity to brighten somebody else's day or to change their life forever. Something as simple as a smile or a short conversation about their hopes and dreams can do wonders to a person and their daily routine.
Our goal is to love, serve, and positively impact those in need by using our gifts and areas of expertise to motivate like-minded people to do the same. We want to challenge people to break their routine, to focus on others and to live Days of Difference.

        If you want to get involved and make a difference, or if you have an awesome story you would like to share about a time God used you to make a difference, then click the button.